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Debunking the Myth of Twenty Percent

The 409A valuation is one of the many analyses Economics Partners offers to clients. IRC 409A governs deferred compensation and our valuation work in this area is to help private companies establish a strike price [...]

Updated Guidance on Implementation of Country-by-Country Reporting

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”) issued updated guidance (“Guidance”) on the implementation of country-by-country reporting (“CbC”) in September 2017.  The Guidance adds certain items to the version issued in July 2017.  The new [...]

Things to Watch for in Country-by-Country Reporting

Country-by-country reporting (“CbC”) requires certain information and in forms that might not be immediately apparent.  Multinational enterprise (“MNE”) groups subject to CbC reporting should be aware of those requirements.  They include: Revenues; Aggregation; Withholding taxes; and [...]

Proposed Template for Advance Pricing Agreements

The Advance Pricing and Mutual Agreement Program (“APMA”) of the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has provided for public discussion, a draft updated template for use in drafting advance pricing agreements (“APAs”).  It is designed to [...]

4 Things You Need to Know for Your Buy-Sell Agreement

Even for the simplest businesses, a Buy-Sell Agreement is crucial. When structuring a Buy Sell agreement 4 high-impact points need to be considered by the business owners. Include Appropriate Buyout Triggers: Events that trigger obligation [...]

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