Sample Reports

Every report generated is customized to provide the business owner or advisor with the most up-to-date information and analysis of the company.

We are the top provider of this 409A valuation reports in the country for good reason, we are the best. Other options may be too expensive on one end of the spectrum, or too cheap and not truly compliant on the other end. For 409A valuation reports, we are the perfect combination of quality at a great value.

Economics Partner is the ideal partner for SBA business valuation and consulting services. We help business owners and executives understand and maximize strategic business value as well as meet periodic regulatory (IRS, ASC, SBA) valuation requirements.

There’s Always Reason for a Business Valuation

Here’s Just A Few:

  • Understand what your business is worth

  • Selling a business to a third party

  • Transitioning the business to family members

  • Exit strategy planning purposes

  • Value a portfolio of intellectual property

  • Gift tax planning purposes

  • Identifying value for restructuring

  • Value assets in a marital dissolution action

  • Shareholder or partner investments or buyouts

Our experience working with [EP] has been excellent. We have been working with them not only for 409A, but also on strategic advisory. Their team has significant transaction and operational experience and we feel like that has led to a nice, value-added relationship. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Craig Anderson, Head of FP&A, TuneIn

We engaged [EP] for a challenging assignment on a somewhat unique security. Their work was exceptional. Their analysis was reviewed by our auditors and tax advisors and despite the complexity it passed reviews with no issues. Working with them was a great experience.

Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO, Location Labs
[EP] was recommended to us by an executive we trust. We met with them and were impressed with their background in M&A. We engaged them for help in determining the appropriate value range for a potential strategic purchase to be accretive for our company. They provided thoughtful, thorough, very helpful analysis. I would recommend them to anyone seeking advice in an M&A process.

Tom Mabey, CEO/Founder, EMM Technology