Property Tax Advisory

EP’s property tax advisory services are met at a higher level when compared to our competitors. EP’s experienced professionals apply a holistic approach to property tax advisory by providing planning, appeal, and appraisal support while working alongside our clients ensuring they receive the best information available to make more informed decisions.

Planning and Strategy Development

Finance executives can be caught off-guard if they begin to think about managing property portfolios only after receiving assessments. It’s so important to begin managing and developing strategies for your portfolio early on to avoid making and fulfilling appeal decisions in an incredibly small window of time.

EP is the perfect property tax advisor to assists finance executives with strategies to improve the likelihood of receiving proper tax treatment on their property portfolio. We provide process optimizations, tax scenario modeling, and assessment reviews in the strategic development process to ensure clients develop a long-term plan to mitigate undue financial exposure.

Appeals, Litigation, Legislative and Expert Witness Support

If or when incorrect or unfair property tax assessments are received, we work side-by-side with our clients in preparing guidance and appeal packages for purposes of ensuring proper assessments.

We focus our appeal support strategy around practical solutions by working with assessors to inform, educate, and understand differences between the parties. As many of our cases are high profile within communities, we understand the need to maintain long-term working relationships with assessment officials.  In such cases where a conclusion cannot be reached, and litigation is required, EP works with the company’s counsel to both develop strategies and act as an expert witness to ensure your case receives the knowledge, attention, and support it will need.

Appraisal of Tangible and Intangible Assets in the Operating Enterprise/Plant

In valuing operating enterprises it is important to know how to accurately determine the types of assets supporting the operating enterprise as an increasingly level of intangible assets support the income generation as in all cases all or a portion of intangible assets are not subject to property tax. Because of EP’s experience with valuing intangible assets in various court settings, we can provide a more thorough and technically supportable analysis of intangibles component valuations than our competitors. Additionally, our partners develop cost studies, depreciation, and rates of return studies on a much higher technical level than our competitors, thus the advice we provide, includes a more supportable demarcation lines between tangible and the non-taxable intangible assets. This puts EP property tax advisory services at a much higher level.