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    Why Get a Fairness Opinion?

    A fairness opinion brings an independent third party to offer an opinion on the fairness of a transaction to all shareholders. Fiduciaries (boards and trustees) face a difficult responsibility made more difficult by the risk of shareholder lawsuits. A fairness opinion demonstrates due diligence and provides confidence that fiduciary duties have been carried out.

    Why Get A Fairness Opinion from Economics Partners?

    As a top provider, we take pride in our highly trained team of analysts that have worked on multi-billion dollar transactions.

    Industry Experts You Can Trust

    EP’s analysts have worked on multi-billion dollar transactions and can confidently provide detailed fairness opinions on transactions of any size.

     Stakeholder Interest Knowledge

    EP is an independent appraisal firm that has been on both sides of the table and has deep understanding of stakeholder interests.


    Receive industry-leading service with experience from some of the largest financial services firms in the world at a fraction of the price.

    Considerations in a Fairness Opinion

    When third parties develop a fairness opinion, due diligence is ensured by examining past financial performance, factors affecting revenue, the dividend-paying history and capacity of the company, and the merger or acquisition agreement and its terms.

    Due diligence should be done on the selling company and the buying company. Once completed for both companies, the report is forwarded to directors for consideration.

    When to get a Fairness Opinion

    A fairness opinion is typically performed after a transaction has been announced, but before the consummation of the transaction. As this process often moves at ‘deal speed,’ our talented team can work to meet any timing requirements necessary.

    Get a thorough, defensible fairness opinion.