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3 Keys to Selling Your Business: Lessons From Surfing

Perfect waves are what surfers all around the globe dream of. But even if you travel to Queensland, Australia and paddle out to the break with a freshly-waxed board, your experience could be very different than the guy next to you. Professional surfers are set apart by their ability to align themselves perfectly with [...]

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Secondary Purchase Impact on Your Next 409A

How does founder liquidity impact the 409a price? I regularly receive phone calls from entrepreneurs, who are in discussions with investors, asking how an early partial cash-out will impact the price of common stock in their next common stock valuation (think 409a valuation). Oft times, the institutional venture capitalist (VC) is willing to either [...]

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Debunking the Myth of Twenty Percent

The 409A valuation is one of the many analyses Economics Partners offers to clients. IRC 409A governs deferred compensation and our valuation work in this area is to help private companies establish a strike price for stock options. This is primarily done for venture-backed and emerging growth companies. In conducting this valuation, the rule of [...]

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Fairness Opinions: WHAT and WHO are they for?

Afairness opinion brings an independent third party to the table to offer an opinion on the fairness of a transaction to all shareholders. Fiduciaries (Boards and Trustees) face a difficult responsibility made more difficult by the risk of shareholder lawsuits. Fairness Opinions demonstrate due diligence. A fairness opinion is more than a valuation, it goes far [...]

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