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2017 Transfer Pricing Deadlines

As we approach the end of the year, here are a couple deadlines to be aware of: Country-by-Country Reporting Notification For U.S. ultimate parent entities of multinational enterprises (“MNEs”) that are filing Internal Revenue Service Form 8975 and Schedules A (Form 8975) (“Country-by-Country Report”) for the year ending December 31, 2017, the Country-by-Country Report will [...]

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3 Keys to Selling Your Business: Lessons From Surfing

Perfect waves are what surfers all around the globe dream of. But even if you travel to Queensland, Australia and paddle out to the break with a freshly-waxed board, your experience could be very different than the guy next to you. Professional surfers are set apart by their ability to align themselves perfectly with [...]

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The Most Wonderful Time of Year

At the end of every year, individuals are full of the giving spirit and many call this the most wonderful time of the year. But, if you are the key accounting or finance person in your organization, then this time of year can be far from the most wonderful time of year. Year end tax reporting, financial [...]

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Secondary Purchase Impact on Your Next 409A

How does founder liquidity impact the 409a price? I regularly receive phone calls from entrepreneurs, who are in discussions with investors, asking how an early partial cash-out will impact the price of common stock in their next common stock valuation (think 409a valuation). Oft times, the institutional venture capitalist (VC) is willing to either [...]

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A Note on the 409A Process

EP is the premier provider of 409A valuations in the country. We are confident that we do more 409A valuations per month than any other firm in the country. The number continues to grow for good reason. Not only direct, but also in conjunction with our partners we are working to make the process as [...]

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Your 409A Valuation Might be Crap

You may be facing the less-than-exciting prospect of needing a 409A valuation to comply with the IRS’ deferred compensation requirements. Since the introduction of the requirement it has become the standard not only for pricing stock options but also for pricing profits interests within LLCs. When this need comes up you should be armed with [...]

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Preparing for Your 409A Valuation

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how fast we can prepare a 409A valuation report. Having been a CFO of two venture-backed companies I completely understand the sense of urgency to have something like a 409A quickly completed in advance of a board meeting or to issue option grant letters in [...]

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3 Ways CbC Data Can Be Misinterpreted

Now that the tax return deadline for U.S. multinationals on a calendar year has come and gone, and the first batch of country-by-country (CbC) reports have been filed, many taxpayers are now taking the opportunity to reflect on exactly how CbC data can be interpreted by tax authorities and what the next steps are. Data [...]

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Debunking the Myth of Twenty Percent

The 409A valuation is one of the many analyses Economics Partners offers to clients. IRC 409A governs deferred compensation and our valuation work in this area is to help private companies establish a strike price for stock options. This is primarily done for venture-backed and emerging growth companies. In conducting this valuation, the rule of [...]

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4 Things You Need to Know for Your Buy-Sell Agreement

Even for the simplest businesses, a Buy-Sell Agreement is crucial. When structuring a Buy Sell agreement 4 high-impact points need to be considered by the business owners. Include Appropriate Buyout Triggers: Events that trigger obligation to buy or sell ownership interest are called buyout triggers. Most common buyout triggers are death, divorce, retirement, disability, and [...]

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