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A Note on the 409A Process

EP is the premier provider of 409A valuations in the country. We are confident that we do more 409A valuations per month than any other firm in the country. The number continues to grow for good reason. Not only direct, but also in conjunction with our partners we are working to make the process as [...]

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Your 409A Valuation Might be Crap

You may be facing the less-than-exciting prospect of needing a 409A valuation to comply with the IRS’ deferred compensation requirements. Since the introduction of the requirement it has become the standard not only for pricing stock options but also for pricing profits interests within LLCs. When this need comes up you should be armed with [...]

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Preparing for Your 409A Valuation

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how fast we can prepare a 409A valuation report. Having been a CFO of two venture-backed companies I completely understand the sense of urgency to have something like a 409A quickly completed in advance of a board meeting or to issue option grant letters in [...]

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Buying Or Selling A Business?

Due diligence can seem overwhelming, but having been through the process many times both as executives of businesses going through M&A transactions and as advisors we can make it far less painful as an extension of your team. AS A SELLER you want to make certain that your data is organized and accurately represented to [...]

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Some Great Discussion on Venture Capital Valuations from Academia

Will Gornall of the University of British Colombia and Ilya A. Strebulaev of Stanford recently published a white paper that serves as a great catalyst for discussion of the valuations of VC-backed companies. It is a solid 54 page, fairly technical discussion on how post-money valuations can distort the true value of venture-backed companies. To a [...]

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It’s the End of the World as We Know It – And We Feel Fine

Many of our clients are driving forces behind changing the world. But is that a good thing? I see more and more angst about the future of the world as automation increases. People worry society is moving toward the world shown in the movie Wall-E, where we’ve become sedentary blobs, served by robots, and endlessly [...]

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Changes to Estate Planning Valuations

What You Need to Know About Section 2704 Proposed Regulations The IRS has recently made proposals that could limit the use of discounts applied to gift and estate tax valuations. The two main proposals include: Restricting “deathbed transfers” by not allowing discounts when a transfer has taken place within three years of a person’s death; and [...]

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Fairness Opinions: WHAT and WHO are they for?

Afairness opinion brings an independent third party to the table to offer an opinion on the fairness of a transaction to all shareholders. Fiduciaries (Boards and Trustees) face a difficult responsibility made more difficult by the risk of shareholder lawsuits. Fairness Opinions demonstrate due diligence. A fairness opinion is more than a valuation, it goes far [...]

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