Estate Planning Valuations of Closely Held Businesses

Transferring Assets? You’ll need an estate planning valuation. We follow best practices and are an ideal provider of valuation services as you transfer assets.

Expertise Required

Individuals are wise to engage highly competent, focused counsel and advisors to help them navigate an area that requires significant subject matter expertise.

Know Latest Developments

Case law evolves in the area of valuation of closely held businesses and a valuation firm must stay abreast of latest developments to provide the best service for their clients.

Use of Discounts

Appraisers must utilize best practices for discounts for lack of marketability and discounts for lack of control. Our valuations follow best practices and are supportable.

Optimization for Taxes

Sophisticated structuring is often the best way to optimize for taxes but it requires advisors who know what they are doing, follow USPAP and AICPA guidelines, and in a cost-effective way.