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IRC 409A Valuation

We are the top provider of 409A valuation reports in the country for good reason, we are the best. Other options may be too expensive on one end of the spectrum, or too cheap and not truly compliant on the other end. For 409A valuation reports, we are the perfect combination of quality at a great value.

What Is IRC 409A

IRC 409A valuation became part of the tax code in January 2005. It broadly applies to deferred compensation and, for companies issuing standard employee stock options, an option grant creates compliance needs. It’s best to have a qualified third-party perform the valuation.

Taxable Events

To avoid creating a taxable event for employees at the time of grant, non-qualified stock options must be issued at Fair Market Value (FMV). A valuation should be performed by an independent appraiser to provide a valuation report to determine FMV.

Needed Information

The information and documents required to perform an analysis are generally readily available with some minor exceptions that are easily prepared. This typically includes company background, company ownership, and financial information.

Timeframe & Cost

Ten business days from receipt of the needed information with expedites available. As likely the top provider of this service, our standard prices are very reasonable for the highest quality valuation and report. Don’t cut corners, work with the best.

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