Partnership Buy/Sell Agreements

It’s important to have your Buy/Sell Agreements and Valuations done right the first time. Meet the valuation requirements or your existing agreement or let us help craft your agreement in a way that amicably and best meets stakeholder needs.

Purchase & Sale Of Ownership

A clear, mutual understanding of the provisions surrounding the purchase and sale of ownership between both the buyer and the seller is critical to avoiding future misunderstanding, contentious negotiations, or other unwanted circumstances or mistakes.

Method For Determining Value

A good agreement has a fair, logical method of determining value. Quality agreements involve an independent, mutually funded third party valuation. These can be done EITHER at the time of a triggering event OR up front to provide an ongoing method/multiple partners can use.

Predetermined Courses Of Action

Nobody goes into a partnership expecting problems. But failing to plan can be the source of problems. Clear and easily followed ground rules determined up front help make the purchase or sale of ownership stakes a much less contentious and ideally a clean and simple process.

Transferring Shares & Voting Power

The agreement between the buyer and the seller should also address important items such as the means of payment, who the shares may transfer to, and the possible impact it may have on voting and/or power post-transfer of ownership (for example: shares passing to an heir).