Fairness Opinion Services

Get a Fairness Opinion for comfort that fiduciary duties have been carried out. Boards and trustees can have confidence that an experienced, highly trained team has conducted a thorough, defensible, exhaustive study on the fairness of a transaction.

Give Fiduciaries Comfort

A fairness opinion brings an independent third party to the table to offer an opinion on the fairness of a transaction to all shareholders. Fiduciaries (Boards and Trustees) face a difficult responsibility made more difficult by the risk of shareholder lawsuits. Fairness Opinions demonstrate due diligence.

More Than Just A Valuation

A fairness opinion is more than a valuation: it goes far beyond the instant economic value of the transaction. Additional assessment and observation of the key factors and context surrounding the transaction enables stakeholders to proceed with grounded confidence.

Purposes For Fairness Opinions

Fairness opinions are most commonly performed for Merger & Acquisition transactions and Employee Stock Ownership Plan transactions. Our analysts have worked on multi-billion dollar transactions and are ideal for providing detailed fairness opinions on transactions of any size.

Transferring Shares & Voting Power

As either a participant in a Merger & Acquisition transaction or as the trustee of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan with a fiduciary duty to fulfill, the best practice is to engage an independent appraisal firm that has been on both sides of the table and has a deep understanding of stakeholder interests.