Acquisition Loan Underwriting Valuations

Accurately assess the value of your business with an accurate and timely SBA Valuation. With a firm that has the right knowledge, experience, and credentials for a low cost to you.

Standard Practice

Whether by bank policy or SBA requirements, it is standard practice to get an SBA valuation of the target business to aid in the process when underwriting a loan for the acquisition of an existing business.

Risk of Default

Banks want an SBA valuation that considers both going-concern and liquidation value to protect against default risk. Both acquirers and banks want a valuation that accurately assesses the full business value.

Understanding the Business

A valuation firm should have great understanding of the business and/or assets being valued to determine appropriate SBA valuation techniques and underlying assumptions.

Thorough & Thoughtful Approach

SBA Valuation reports must have easy to understand analysis with well documented and supportable assumptions. The firm should also assess the value of both tangible and intellectual property.