Employee Stock Ownership Plan

ESOP Valuations

ESOP Valuations increase retirement security for your employees. Transision into tax favored environments, increase cash flow, or convert your debt to a pre-tax environment with an ESOP Valuation.

Both Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Employee stock ownership plans (“ESOPs”) continue to see bi-partisan support in Congress, not only for their continuation, but also for expanding of their availability as an option for small and medium-sized businesses.

Retirement Security

ESOPs are known to increase retirement security for employees. Studies show that ESOPs are 5-7 times the size of 401K retirement plans. ESOPs are increasing in popularity with nearly 7,000 nationwide (National Center for Employee Ownership).

Required Expertise

ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) of 1974 gave the Department of Labor statutory requirements for ESOP sponsors with unique factors. Because they’re unique,  ESOPs require the specific expertise of our analysts.

Qualified Appraisers

Factors heavily scrutinized in ESOP valuations include: adequate consideration at formation or a liquidity event, independence, correct use of discounts or premiums, reporting requirements, and others.