Transaction Analysis

Always make the best possible decisions with great transaction analysis. Whether it’s Accretion/Dilution modeling, Waterfall analysis, or any other transaction modeling; we can help.

Smaller Companies

Smaller and Mid-Market firms may not want to take on the cost of an investment bank as they pursue an M&A transaction. As a buyer you may know the target you want to buy and don’t need to pay an advisor fee on top of other transaction expenses.

As A Seller

As a seller, it’s possible that they may already know who they’re wanting to sell to and want to ensure they’re getting the best possible price and structure without necessarily having to pay a large commission to an investment bank or business broker.

As A Buyer

As a buyer you may need help determining the right price and structure to ensure the transaction you are considering is accretive to your earnings per share. Scenario-based accretion/dilution analysis can give you comfort in your selection.

Professional Valuation

A professional valuation analysis coupled with accretion/dilution analysis can be powerful tools in ensuring intelligent M&A activity. We can also help with 280G analysis (Golden Parachutes). waterfall analysis, other challenging transaction modeling.