Evaluating Strategic Alternatives

Strategic business valuations to give your company a boost. Our experienced team has no agenda to push you one way or another, just great advice based on real data.

What Most People Do

Most people advising small and midsized companies have a vested interest in what the company chooses to do – as such it may be challenging for them to provide the best possible advice to owners or company leadership without there being some type of bias or agenda.

What We Do

Banks want you to borrow, equity funds want you to take investment, M&A advisors want you to sell, wealth advisors want you to invest. At Economics Partners, we focus on giving great advice from experienced professionals without the biases that come from other sources.

Experienced Professionals

Many small and midsize companies do not have the advice available to them that larger companies can get from investment bankers – even these larger companies are frequently getting advice from the investment bankers that generate transaction fees for the bank.

Transferring Shares & Voting Power

Economics Partners is not trying to sell companies any specific product or service, our only interest is seeing our clients accomplish their goals. As former investment bankers, we know all the frameworks, decision trees, positives and considerations of potential courses of action.