Due Diligence Support

Due diligence can be a daunting task. Make the process easier by using our expert analysts and years of experience.

As A Seller

As a seller, it’s important to make certain that your data is organized and accurately represented to avoid scaring away a buyer or lowering your potential exit value. Lack of order and clear presentation of data can also possibly lead to painful claw backs after the acquisition has taken place.

As A Buyer

A buyer must be aware of risks and potential synergies as a transaction is considered. Risks need to be outlined in a disclosure schedule with the ability to withhold escrow for misrepresentations. Potential synergies should be identified with a clear action plan to unlock synergies post acquisition.

We Extend Your Team

Due diligence is daunting and can be an excessive strain on both time and money. Most buyers and sellers do not have extra resources to dedicate solely to due diligence. We can serve as an extension of your team by providing great services at an incredible value to you and your company.