Raising Capital Consulting Services

Our network makes raising capital easy. Raising capital can be stressful, use our network of capital sources to secure the right capital on the right terms.

Avoid High Fees

Raising capital can be stressful, time consuming, and costly. Such costs can come in the form of high fees from bankers and brokers. With the assistance of our established relationships and expertise, high fees and costs can be avoided.

Opportunity Costs

Another cost associated with raising capital is opportunity cost. The decision to raise capital in the form of equity or debt could lead to unfavorable terms. Our established relationships and services will assist in making sure your decision is the correct choice.

Our Network of Sources

Our existing relationships with banks, venture capital firms, and high net worth individuals can be of assistance during the raising of capital. Such relationships have been friends and acquaintances for some time, but most are forming day-to-day.

Raising Capital Details

During the course of raising capital, a company presentation, outlining financial performance, target market, etc., is critical to the writing up of a term sheet. In the efforts to outline a company presentation, we are available to provide feedback.