We offer thought leadership to our clients in three ways.

  • Our white papers. Our research is extensive on topics such as debt versus equity characterization, risk pricing, debt pricing and borrower rating, the economic life of intangible assets, goodwill and the investor model framework, observed royalty rates, profit splits, and many other topics. Our library of white papers is available to our clients through this web site.
  • Our modeling skills and our valuation models. We maintain a staff that includes some of the best modelers in the industry. We develop mathematical models, as well spreadsheet models, to characterize, and draw insights related to, complex transfer pricing, general valuation, and IP valuation problems. We make our core models available to our clients.
  • Our creativity in solving our clients transfer pricing and valuation problems. Given the nature of our business, the vast majority of what we do remains private and client-specific. However, our client testimonials are evidence of our creativity and persuasiveness.