Transfer-Pricing White Papers

Over the past twenty years, a significant body of thought has developed in the area of transfer pricing. While we are proud that the economists at Economics Partners are a major contributor to this body of thought, we are by no means that only thought leaders in the field.

Comprehensive Compilation

As a service to our clients, we have compiled white papers and articles from the leading thinkers in the field, and have made them available below. We believe that this page demonstrates that the thought leadership in the field is differentially provided by top economic consulting firms and law firms.

White paper titles include:

  • Accurately Pricing Intercompany Debt
  • Capital Intensity and Margins
  • Discount Rates for Intangible Asset Related Profit Flows
  • How to Define and Value Goodwill
  • Identifying and Evaluating Contributions to Value within a Firm
  • Intangible Assets and The Firm
  • Intangible Assets as Residual Profit
  • On the Misuse of Market Multiples
  • The Cost of Capital When Discounting Residual Profit
  • The Economic Life of Intangible Assets
  • The Use of Profit Splits in the Context of Global Value Chains

Clients can access our downloads page to view our white papers.