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Diving Into the Amazon Transfer Pricing Case

One of the more interesting aspects of the Tax Court’s recent decision in the Amazon transfer pricing case was its treatment of reasonable alternatives.  The IRS argued that the US taxpayer had the “reasonable alternative” [...]

Why Documentation is So Expensive

Preparing global documentation is expensive. Understanding why it is so expensive is the first step in trying to determine how to lower costs while improving quality. Let's start with some simple arithmetic. The OECD local [...]

Transfer Pricing Documentation – Comparing Costs and Benefits

Documentation is expensive, and tax department budgets are finite. Therefore, tax departments face the very common economic problem of how to allocate resources more effectively, a process that starts with the determination of which legal entities [...]

Basics of Setting Up a Visual Dashboard

One of the most immediate and practical issues that that MNEs are facing is how to deal with the large volumes of information that they are expected to collect and present to tax authorities. Visual [...]

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