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Secondary Purchase Impact on Your Next 409A

How does founder liquidity impact the 409a price? I regularly receive phone calls from entrepreneurs, who are in discussions with investors, asking how an early partial cash-out will impact the price of common stock [...]

OECD Recent Handbook on CbC Reporting

The OECD recently released CbC Reporting – Handbook on Effective Tax Risk Assessment.  This guidance is designed to help tax authorities develop an effective approach for using the data contained in the CbC report to [...]

A Note on the 409A Process

EP is the premier provider of 409A valuations in the country. We are confident that we do more 409A valuations per month than any other firm in the country. The number continues to grow for [...]

Your 409A Valuation Might be Crap

You may be facing the less-than-exciting prospect of needing a 409A valuation to comply with the IRS’ deferred compensation requirements. Since the introduction of the requirement it has become the standard not only for pricing [...]

Preparing for Your 409A Valuation

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how fast we can prepare a 409A valuation report. Having been a CFO of two venture-backed companies I completely understand the sense of urgency to [...]

3 Ways CbC Data Can Be Misinterpreted

Now that the tax return deadline for U.S. multinationals on a calendar year has come and gone, and the first batch of country-by-country (CbC) reports have been filed, many taxpayers are now taking the opportunity [...]

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